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List Of 10 Essay Topics About Video Games And Their Influence On Modern World

Video games are very popular nowadays. Not only children spend countless hours playing their favorite games but adults too. Obviously, video games became a great part of our lives and play a big role in our pop-culture. If you’re asked to write an essay about video games, there are plenty of interesting narrow topics that you may choose from.

Topics about Video Games

  1. Violence in video games and children.
  2. Video games that help develop useful real life skills.
  3. Gamers lack social interaction: true or false?
  4. Video games that can be considered art.
  5. Movies based on video games.
  6. Competitive video games: can they be considered sports?
  7. Analyzing a person’s character based on what video games they play.
  8. Learning to work in a team playing an online cooperative video game.
  9. Comparing video games of the past with modern video games.
  10. The future of the video gaming industry.

How to Write Your Essay

Picking a good topic is only the beginning. You should take particular steps to complete your work successfully and earn an excellent grade. First, you should conduct thorough research on your topic so that you have good arguments that defend your main idea and strong evidence that supports your arguments. After your research has been done, you should make an outline for your paper. Divide your text into three sections (introduction, body, and conclusion) and briefly indicate the contents of each section. This will help you stay organized during the writing process and structure your paper properly.

Writing your paper, use simple language that is understandable to your potential audience. Difficult terms will only distract them from the actual contents of your essay. Use hooks, topic sentences, and transitions to make your text more interesting and readable.

Revise your paper after writing in order to correct mistakes and rewrite sentences that sound weak or irrelevant to your topic or thesis statement.

Asking for Help with Writing Your Essay

There are many sources that you can approach for assistance. You may always go to your teacher and ask them for a consultation and sample papers. Visiting academic centers is also a good idea because you can get professional help on any academic paper there. Hiring a tutor who will teach you the basics of academic writing is a very effective, but quite expensive option, so not everyone can afford to use it. Some students also hire academic writing companies to compose their papers to increase the chance of earning the highest score.

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