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Crafting A Personal Opinion Essay: 10 Great Suggestions

Personal opinion essays are usually written on controversial topics. Before you pick your pen and start writing, think about your objective and the length of your composition. Apart from that, there are many other parameters you should take care.

Check them out-

  1. Research work: An excellent piece of essay should comprise of highly informative piece of essay. Research work is not only necessary to add points but to elaborate them with informative and supportive statements complementing the relevant type of composition. Trustworthy statistics elevates the standard of the particular essay.
  2. Proper transition: Appropriate transition from one paragraph to another makes any writing process smooth and effective while introducing new points relevant.
  3. One should not sound sarcastic: By using suitable words we can make a sentence look professional.
  4. Instead of saying-

    “Students from low income families don’t have sufficient resources to match headmaster’s fashion whims”.

    We should say-

    “Students from low income families don’t have sufficient resources to buy uniform on short notice”.

  5. Support evidence: It is necessary to backup your opinion with noteworthy facts and figures. Start slow and anticipate your loops and weaknesses.
  6. Acknowledge: You should first understand the previous statements and other party’s opinion and then write.
  7. Write clearly: Don’t sound diplomatic but stay clear in your opinions. Match the parameters of English language and then write your opinions. It will help you achieve desired outcome.
  8. Follow the format of writing: It should be a minimum of a 5 paragraph essay. It should begin with an introductory statement with some striking facts, idioms, figures etc. In the main body part, you should introduce at least 3 points with supportive arguments. Finally, write the conclusion with impressive wrapping up of the entire essay.
  9. Use words – Use words or phrases like “furthermore”, “moreover”, “too”, “as well”, “also”. Concluding statements should be summed up with – “to sum up”, “to conclude”, “in conclusion”,” it is clear that” etc. Use sequencing words and linkers like “in my opinion”, “I believe”, “I think”, “I completely agree”, “As far as I am concerned”, “I strongly agree” etc.
  10. Do not support both sides of arguments. Remember, it should be your opinion and not your counter part’s views.
  11. Sound interesting: Write from the audience’s perspective and influence your readers.

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