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20 Thought-Provoking Persuasive Essay Topics On Recent Events

An essay on recent events might appear as the easiest to write. The fact that the topic is on the lips of the public makes it to appear easy. In fact, it meets an important criterion for choosing a topic which is freshness. The challenge with topics on recent events is the absence of reliable reference materials. This does not make it impossible to produce a captivating essay on recent events. Here are some of the topics that would help create an interesting paper.

  1. Is the war on terrorism leading to more civilian deaths than are killed by actual terrorists?
  2. Popular perception of aliens by the common man
  3. What was the impact of wikileaks on open governance?
  4. Is social media responsible and an increasingly individualistic society?
  5. When should public money be used to bail out private entities?
  6. Are decisions to vote influenced by facts or media perceptions?
  7. Should age be a factor when running for president?
  8. Is the attempt to reverse climate change futile?
  9. Should expenditure on military be diverted to poverty eradication around the world?
  10. Is the world witnessing a return of theocracies?
  11. Are sporting events an economic burden to organizers and what can be done to reverse the situation?
  12. Is Earth about to colonize Mars?
  13. Will the confrontations in Syria be the catalyst for a third world war?
  14. Is the world ready for genetic modification?
  15. Should education be made free to the highest level?
  16. Who should get the lion share during player transfers?
  17. What is the effect of a repressed pressed on people’s perception of their government?
  18. What role do developing nations have to play in protecting emerging markets against the impact of global warming?
  19. How can technology be used to end human trafficking?
  20. Is a more educated society better at choosing leaders?

With such topics, you have already captured the interest of your reader since the topic is fresh. It is upon you to maintain that interest with captivating points and arguments. Make your arguments reasonable and coherent. Be very cautious to differentiate between facts and opinion. There is likelihood to give your opinion or that of other people and claim to be the truth. Though a lot of research has not been conducted on a subject, be mild and conservative with your pronouncements.

Check this site for fresh topics on current affairs. The site also gives tips on how to determine whether resources are reliable or not. It is a very resourceful site for students at all levels.

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