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Acid Rain

Acid Rain is when rain containing pH value lower that of ordinary water falls to the earth surface. The drop in pH could be caused by the presence of nitric and citric acid in the atmosphere. Acid Rain is not a problem that has been there since time in memorial. As the world has been developing, there has been a great importance to develop the industry sector so as to be able to cater to the needs of the growing population. Acid Rain is now our problem and it needs the whole world to come together and find ways to curb this issue. Remember that acid rain has great and adverse effects on both the environment and the human race. Acid rain may fall in form of wet deposition. This is frequent in the wet areas. The chemicals that are in the environment are blown to wet regions. These chemicals recombine with the wetness that is there and falls to the earth surface. There is also the dry precipitation. It occurs in the dry region. The wind blows these chemicals to dry areas. They are split up into dust particles. These dry dust particles then fall to the earth surface.

Causes of Acid Rain

There are two main divisions of the causes of acid rain. The first one is the human activities. These are the activities that man does to make life look better. Due to the growing industrialization, a lot of energy is required. Many industries burn coal and fossil fuels for production of energy. As these fossils are burnt, sulphur dioxide gasses and nitrogen oxide are given off to the atmosphere. These emissions react with water and oxygen forming acid rain. These manmade causes can be controlled by regulating emissions of these gasses. There are also the natural causes. Human beings do not have any control of these causes. The causes include the eruption of volcanoes and the effect of rotting vegetables.

Effects of Acid Rain

Acid rain may fall directly on the water bodies. It changes the pH value of these water bodies. As a result, the aquatic life in this water cannot survive. When it falls on the bare soil, it diffuses down. The pH of the soil will change. This affects the growth of plants and thriving of the organisms in the ground. Acid rain also destroys the leaves and the bark of the trees. Acid rain causes the destruction of structures and property.

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