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Computers And Their Effect On Society


Computers have had such an impact on society that most people have their own personal computer instead of having to share one with the family. With computers being so accessible, they have been able to transform the lives of many people. At one time, computers were used mainly for work and homework purposes but now they have also taken over personal lives and are used for most aspects of daily life.


With everyone able to access a computer easily, this does have a big negative impact on society. One of the biggest negative impacts is how the computer can break the closeness of the family unit. When every member of the family spends more time on the computer, communication breaks down and social activities are limited to the written word.

Some people spend almost every waking hour on their computer. There are signs of addiction to look out for that tell you that you or a family are addicted to computing. These signs include:

  • Feeling irritable when not on the computer
  • Lying about how much time is spent on the computer
  • Not talking to people apart from on the computer
  • Spending habits spiral out of control related to computing
  • Sleep deprivation caused by staying on computer late into the night


Computers have made lives easier for many people on a professional and on a personal level. Communication means that these days, you no longer have to rely on the post for communication.

Computing also has an impact on business who are able to expand their market to a global economy where before only local clients were possible. For private users, people are able to keep in touch with loved ones both nationally and internationally bringing families closer together.

Benefits of computing for both personal and business use include aspects such as:

  • Easier modes of communication
  • Information can be found at the touch of a button
  • Less paper is used as information is stored digitally
  • Computers increase productivity
  • Many people can work from home


Computers do have many negative and positive impacts on society in the modern age. We are now moving into a different culture where most tasks are done at the press of a button. One drawback to this is how older people need to re-learn in order to keep up with technology.

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