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The United States And Russia

The relationship between Russia and the United States occurs as an extension of the bilateral relationship between the United States and Russia former Soviet Union. Despite the relationship between the two nations, there has been a lot of pressure, and their relationship has been strained. The strain reached to its helm in the year 2014. This was after the two nations held different opinions on how to treat Ukraine Crisis and the Syrian Civil War. This has hurt the relationship between the two countries in a big way. Trade and investments between the two nations have been greatly restricted. However, the two countries continue to work together in international matters that would impact on the international peace and security. The strains in the relationship are however believed to have grown when Putin became the president of Russia. They were in the constant battle for supremacy with George Bush.

Missiles in Poland

In 2007, the United States wanted to advance its protection system and that of entire Europe. Thy planned to build anti-ballistic missile defense in Poland. Russia greatly opposed this move. Russia saw this as a potential threat. They, therefore, opposed the move and made a threat of building missiles that would target the defense system in Poland and Czech Republic. Later on came the Russian-Georgian clash. Russia attacked some parts of Georgian and claimed to be protecting the Georgian separatist region. The United States offered humanitarian aid and Army help to the attacked regions of Georgian. This continued to deteriorate the relationship between Russia and America. The relationship continues to decrease as a result of the poor and dictatorial leadership of President Putin.

Increased Tension

The rivalry between the two nations continues to increase. Russia has been violating international laws controlling nuclear weapons. It has consistently backed North Korea. This is despite efforts by the United States to conduct a raid to make sure that there are no nuclear weapons in Korea. President Obama signed Magnitsky Act in December 2012. This act bans human rights abusers from traveling to America. It also denies any financial aid to any person that has been accused of human rights abuse. Both of these two countries are fighting for their position in the world superiority. The two have however been involved in a program to support Syria after its government collapsed. Presidents Putin and Obama have led in talks to help Syria go through the current state and build a stable government.

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