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The Rise And Fall Of Al Qaeda

Al Qaeda is a militant organization. Osama bin Laden and Abdullah Azzam were the primary leaders of this organization. In the initial stage, Osama bin Laded was considered as the primary financier of this militant organization. After 2001, many Islamic countries funded Al Qaeda because they considered that Al Qaeda would act as a protective barrier for the Islamic countries. By the availability of resources, the organization expanded itself by accommodating new followers and provided them weapon training.

The USA considered Al Qaeda as a religious terrorist group. The members of Al Qaeda followed Islam religion and they were used to kill people who were following other religions. The rise and fall of Al Qaeda happened between 1989 and 2011. The first attack by Al Qaeda was carried out in 1995 in Riyadh. In that bombing attack, seven people died. The second attack was on 1996 in Dhahran. Nineteen casualties occurred on that attack and many number of injuries were reported. Al Qaeda wanted to restrict the western countries invasion on Islamic countries. Hence, they carried out a series of attacks to fear the western nations. The major motive of Al Qaeda was to control all the countries. As the economy of the United States was in a higher position, economy of many other countries depended on it. To attain their motive, Al Qaeda wanted to collapse the economy of the United States. If the economy of the United States was collapsed, then the global economy will also collapse. Therefore, it would be easy for Al Qaeda to establish their control over all the countries. The rise of Al Qaeda happened in several steps. During 2006, Al Qaeda recruited many young people into their organization from all over the world. During 2007, Al Qaeda carried out many attacks on Syria and that resulted in a high number of causalities. After 2010, Al Qaida used cyber terrorism as a weapon to demolish the United States economy and their defense systems.

In 1989, Al Qaeda set a mission to attack the United States of America. In 2011, Al Qaeda achieved that mission by carrying out lethal attacks in New York and Washington. Al Qaeda called the war against the USA as the holy war. They wanted to create fights between the followers and the non-followers of Islam and thereby strengthening the dominance of Al Qaida over all the countries. Osama bin Laden was killed in 2011 by American soldiers. After his death, the progress of Al Qaida was completely stopped.

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