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How To Write My Paper Properly: Practical Guidelines

Part of the college experience is writing. Many college students panic when they hear the word term paper but it doesn’t have to be that way. The more you are forced to write term papers, the easier they will get. I was petrified when I was assigned a paper until I ran across an article on the internet that helped me write my paper properly. Here are some suggestions that I found very helpful.

  • Make sure you choose a topic carefully. If you are having a hard time choosing a topic, start with the broad subject and brainstorm about as many ideas as you can. Get about ten of them on a piece of paper as quickly as you can. Once you have done that, eliminate half of them by checking out how much information is available. It is best to have a topic with tons of information so you can write a thorough paper. Then take the 5 that are left and choose 3 that you think your audience would be interested in. Once you have 3 topics, decide which one would be most interesting for you. The more interested you are in your topic, the better job you will do on the paper.
  • Research, research, research- The more research you do, the better job you will do on your paper. Try to keep your research organized so you can use the notes more effectively when the time comes. Put subject headings on the back of the cards for better organization.
  • While you are researching, you need to think about your thesis statement. As you are doing your research, it will almost form itself. You will find yourself going in a certain direction with your research. Follow your instincts and write your thesis statement. Once you have your statement, research more specifically to find more data concerning your thesis.
  • Create an outline. This is a step that many people skip but it is invaluable for your term paper writing. Your thesis statement should be after your introduction. You should then have bullet points for each main topic you want to discuss. You will need at least 3 or 4 main supporting points to support your thesis. If you write down in your outline all your main ideas, you will not forget anything and you will have everything in the proper order.
  • Write your rough draft of your paper. All the hard work is done. Now use your outline as a road map and write your paper.
  • Have someone read over your rough draft and give you pointers on any changes.
  • Write final draft using the suggested revisions and hand it in!

These are the suggestions I read about when I was trying to do my paper. They were a great help and made the assignment much easier and I felt much better about the job I did on the term paper.

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