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Family Values And Gender Roles

There has been a lot of heat and debate on the role of women in the society and fought for equality. Some groups still believe that there is no need for equality. According to how I see it, women have already been overpowered. Now they are way above men. The immense opportunities that a girl child is exposed to today are vast compared to those open for the boy child. The girl child has today been so taken care of, and they have everything being given to them both at school, in the society, and the job environment. This has brought a lot of societal problems that were not rampant in the past. I still feel that it was not an attempt to pin down women when the gender roles were clearly laid down, and family values followed. Women were given the noble role of taking care of the family. I agree, yes, with the changing times, there is the need for independence. But this should not be at the expense of the values that promote good family life. Women were not oppressed nor made subject to men. The society was just creating a society balance and protecting some sanity in the society.

Sharing Gender Roles

The importance of having a relationship is not to share gender roles but rather to enjoy life and companionship. Now if this comes with sharing gender roles in the family, then I do not have a problem with that. My only worry is that the roles should be shared in a way that the family values will be observed and will not be put at stake. I also don’t believe that equality should lead to sharing of gender roles. There are some roles that should be stipulated for a particular gender, and it is a good value to sustain that. Despite the level of income, a man should feel in charge of providing for the family. It will bring in respect in the family it is a good family value.

Change in beliefs

Today, many things have changed. Women fell that they need to be independent. I don’t object to ladies having better jobs, but I have a problem with ladies that want to have a family with kids but don’t not in a marriage. It takes a father and a mother to bring up a kid. Unless one is taken away by God, I don’t believe in single parenting. The kid will need the warmth and feeling of having a father around.

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