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Composing An Outstanding Essay About The Disadvantages Of The Internet

The way the world is moving today has a lot to do with the things that we perceive in the world at different occasions. There are some very important people that will have to make the most of the things that are present with them and this is here internet emerges as one of those factors that promise to become the be-all-end-all of the perceptions of the day.

There was a time when the radio was the most helpful equipment of the day and one day the television appeared and drove the radio to wilderness. In order to address the root of the issue, you will also have to consider if the internet is a direct competition to something like the television.

Before the internet

The first thing that you should include in your essay is the time before there was no internet. To speak in short, this was the time when there was no selfie upload every hour. But apart from that, the media of the day was predominantly commanded by the television. Some researchers also believe that the radio also played a major part in some of the poorer countries or rural areas in developed nations.

The way internet revolutionized news

When there was no internet, we had people looking at newspapers almost all the time when they had the time. There are people that were making the most diverse utilization of time until this and no one was really looking for a compromise at that time. But then something happened and suddenly every random person you asked had a different story to tell. The world is filled with such stories actually.

The media took a beating and from nonchalance to surrender, they adopted every strategy one could think of. This is the time when people became increasingly dependent on both the television and the internet. This is what you should be reflecting upon in the essay. This is only the start where you may get the better of the research and news bytes you gather.

Why did internet not sweep over television?

This is one pertinent question you have to ask in your paper about the internet. While the television actually swept over the radio as a medium, internet did not deal the same blow to the television. The reason is both in the evolution of the television as a medium and the access that people had to it.

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