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China Town In New-York

This is considered the largest Chinatown in the US and where there is the largest population of Chinese people in the Western Hemisphere. This town is on the eastern side of Manhattan. The estimation of the town's population is between 70,000 and 150,000. This place is a favored destination for most of the Chinese immigrants. The origin or birth of the town is considered to result for trade in the 18th century. Several Chinese traders during this time were trickling into the US during that time. The population of the Chinese traders in the US, as well as that of the sailors, continued to increase with time. Some settled in business and intermarried with the Americans. The Gold Rush also ruled a significant number of the Chinese in the United States. Some arrived with expectations of starting businesses, earning money and then return to their country, to start families and continue staying in their home nation. However, as business continued to flourish, they were tempted to stay longer. At the same time, the gold mines started and continued to yield more. There was also cheap labor that was available for the Chinese workers. At some points, when the Chinese started working in the major industries in the US, including textile and cigar rolling companies, the American s felt afraid and threatened that the Chinese were taking over their chances and opportunities. As a result discrimination of the Chinese laborers and citizens started in workplaces and towns. This drove the Chinese people to the eastern where job chances were better and more open to them. By the 1870s, most had moved to New York City.

China Town Today

This town has undergone several changes and developments. It is still growing rapidly even today. It called home by the majority of the Chinese New Yorkers. At the same time, it is a major and critical tourist attraction for many. There are several flourishing restaurants that attract residents and visitors to the town. At the same time, the fish and the fruits markets are still booming in the town. The streets of this town are overcrowded most of the times.

Why you May want to Visit China Town

It is a delightful town and place to be. To start with, the town offers the several and diverse food types to both the residents and visitors. The culture of the people here is also interesting to learn. Entertainment is also great here. Your shopping experience in the town can also be delightful.

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