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Aids Pandemic In Africa

Aids pandemic in Africa is probably the worst that has ever hit the continent in the whole of humanity time. The pandemic has got a rather short but disturbing history in the continent. Seventy percent of the total word deaths caused by Aids are African cases. The South Africa part of Africa is the most affected. It was first discovered in the West Africa. It is believed to have been passed on to the human race from a chimpanzee. The disease was first seen as just a calamity, but it has proven that it is here to stay. It was not understood in the first instance but was dreaded by many. Those who had it were isolated and stigmatized. People did not know for sure how it was transmitted and this made it difficult for those suffering from it to get medical. It was also associated with some immoral behavior and those who had it were seen as outcasts.

Reasons for Massive Spread in Africa

The main reason that led to the great spread of the Aids pandemic is the cultural factors. Some cultures do not allow for testing of aids. People will, therefore, live with the disease and be a potential threat of spread. Some cultures allow for promiscuity and polygamy. They, however, do not advocate for testing before sex. This led to the massive spread of the pandemic in Africa. Circumcision of young boys in the village with poor medical conditions also contributed to the spread. The issue of female genital mutilation was another factor of spread. Religious factors like the ban of use of a condom by the Catholic Church lead to the spread of Aids. Most religions in Africa advocate for the prohibition of safe sex commercials. There is also the issue of political influence. In the past, some African presidents did not admit to having Aids cases in their countries. They thought they were protecting their countries name, but they were harming it by risking the spread. Other factors include brain drain and poor health industry. Qualified doctors immigrate to other developed countries where they are sure of better wages.


The spread of Aids is measured using two ways. The prevalence and incidence level are accessed. The later is the one that gives the correct measure of the spread as it deals with finding how many new infections are reported. Many NGOs both local and international are dedicated to trying to control the spread of Aids in Africa.

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