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How To Make A Proper Outline For A Personal Response Essay On Charlotte Brontë

Charlotte Brontë is an interesting novelist and poet to write about. To accomplish this through an essay, you will need to create a good outline. Here are the steps to follow when creating the outline for your paper on Charlotte Brontë.

  • Read the Works of Charlotte Brontë
  • It is impossible to write about an author whose work you are not familiar with. It will lead to misrepresentation of facts and erroneous claims. Go through her poetry and novels. Study her lifestyle and history in the family and society. Read about her personal life and the impact it had on her writing career. You should also read what other scholars say about the author. This will give you a background that will assist in constructing your essay on Charlotte Brontë.

  • Identify the Main Points about Charlotte Brontë
  • The frame for your paper will be determined by the number of talking points you identify when reading about Charlotte Brontë and her work. Some of the talking points that could inform the different sections of your paper include her early life and education, publications, influences, impact of her work on the society, etc. Do not focus on the order that these points will appear for now. Write the points as they emerge.

  • Choose the strong points
  • All points that have been identified will not go into the paper. Some will be merged while others are split. An example is where you might choose to merge her education with the trip to Brussels. In other instances, the two can be part of a single point. The number of points to concentrate on will also depend on the length of your paper. Ensure you have enough points to make the paper compelling.

  • Find Details for the Points Identified
  • The flesh for your essay on Charlotte Bronte will depend on the details within each discussion point. As you read through various books and journal, identify details to support your points. Find credible sources for these details to ensure that your work is factual. By the strength of details identified, determine the most compelling point and place it at the top. Ensure that the last point is equally compelling to leave a lasting impression.

  • Revisit Your Outline
  • Revisiting your outline ensures that it has enough points to support your paper. It also focuses on getting the right order for your points and ensuring that they are properly supported. Ensure that there is a clear connection of ideas from introduction to conclusion.

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