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A Comprehensive Guide On Essay Page Title Formatting

When you write an essay in college or University, you can no longer deal with it flimsily. The piece has to carry flair and substance. It should appear a distinct entity. This comes only through smart presentation and deft formatting.

You can get quick assistance on this from this site if you just care to click this link. Now, the essay at this level needs a title page as well. It needs mentioning that the page does not carry any content related to the theme.

  • You should remember to centrally align all the insertion sin the title page. You begin with the University you study in or your college is affiliated to. This settles at the top. Then, you need to concentrate on the center of the page where you place the title.
  • The title of the essay should have all initials in capital letters and the rest in small. You should ideally resort to 12 pts Times Roman and double-space each inclusion.
  • You then focus on the bottom center of the page where your mention your name. The name should be sequential; that is the first name followed by middle and last name. You should then get to the next line where you mention the subject (English in this case) and the course number.
  • You should then relate your Professor’s name in the third line. You should have the courtesy to mention just the last name of the Professor after the prefix Prof.
  • You should finish the format by suggesting the date at which you will make the submission.
  • Now certain teachers want you to host the running head. In this case, you will write RUNNING HEAD followed by the title at the top flush; left alignment. You should keep in mind that the title will have all letters in capital when mentioned in the running head.

A clear indication

The title page is actually an indication that your essay is going to follow all the rules of formatting. It will have footnotes wherein you define strong terms or references that may be Greek to readers. Needless to say, you have to put in way more labor in the carving of the essay than you do in the title page.

Actually, the title page is something where you can conscientiously take inspiration from sample pieces. You are not supposed to take an original route but to relate to the regulations in a disciplined manner.

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