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Why Are Homosexual Marriages Harmful?

Homosexual marriages or gay marriages (as they are commonly called) are a union of marriage between two people belonging to the same gender. A number of countries have made this marriage legal, but a worldwide debate continues regarding the matter. There are many issues associated with such marriages out of which some are mentioned below.

Against the Nature’s Methods

This is the major argument put forward by those who oppose same-sex marriages. It implies that it is against nature’s way to be married to someone of the same gender.

Threat for Human Race

Not all homosexual couples consist of a partner who has undergone a sex reassignment surgery. This implies that they cannot have children which violate the very purpose of marriage. This can lead to drastic results as the human race would not continue.

Problems for Children

Even if one partner has had a sex reassignment and is a transgender, children belonging to homosexual couples are always deprived of either the care of a mother or the support of a father and might thus be raised with many discrepancies in their personality. No matter how many sex reassignment surgeries are carried out it cannot convert a man to a woman or vice versa.

It is Morally Wrong

People against gay marriages are unacceptable because they violate basic moral principles. They also believe that it demotes traditional marriage. According to activists and promoters of homosexual marriages, making such unions legal is a right of people. They also compare this to racial equality. However, racism does not allow marriages between people who belong to different classes and cultures.

It Opens Doors for Other Non-Traditional Marriages

Making homosexual marriages legal poses the threat of other groups raising demands for various non-traditional forms of marriage. These include underage marriages and group marriages.

Harmful Effects on the Younger Generation

We do not know how this type of marriage would affect the children who see it happen. It may encourage them to indulge into homosexual relationships despite them having no “natural” inclination towards people of the same gender. This might cause misunderstandings in their minds regarding reproduction.

Threats to the Sacredness of Traditional Marriages

Marriage is a sacred relation which is held important in the minds of many people. In the last century, however, increase in same-sex marriages has harmed the sanctity of this institution and hurt the beliefs and feelings of many people.

The institution of marriage depends on the union of partners belonging to different genders as it ensures the merging of qualities present in both of them. Otherwise, parents would lack the necessary features.

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