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Essential Advice On Creating An Essay About Smoking In Public Places

Smoking in public places has been a heated topic of discussion and debate across societies. You need to understand that this is a delicate topic to handle and you should support your argument with lots of data derived from credible sources. If you have been asked to write an essay on smoking in public area, you need to be both creative and detail-oriented. Here’s how you can actually nail at it.

Consider both pros and cons

While smoking publicly may seem an unhealthy practice and there are hundreds of documents online to support this notion, you may get interesting ideas contrary to this notion. For example, some researchers might have claimed that smoking actually helps in reducing stress. You may take a cue from there and discuss the upsides of allowing smoking in public.

Put emphasis on laws and amendments

If you are to write a research paper on smoking in public, you got to take into consideration the legal aspects, i.e. the laws of the land. In this regard, you should also take into account the various amendments of the pertinent laws. This way, you can easily understand the legal aspects of public place smoking and it will in turn shape your thoughts in a better way.

Consider the health aspects

Passive smoking causes various respiratory problems, discomfort and other complications. You can discuss on how public place smoking affects the bystanders, especially the minors and how it sets a bad example for the kids roaming around. You can discuss about cities where public smoking is completely prohibited and cities where public smoking is allowed and then draw a comparison between the general health scenarios of these two cities. However, you need to support your argument with hard numbers. Therefore, be ready to research.

Take environmental pollution into consideration

Proponents of no-public-place-smoking often argue that public place smoking increases the overall environmental pollution level and how it impacts public health. You can talk about the air quality of different cities where smoking in public area is banned vis-à-vis air quality of cities where smoking is still allowed in public. Notwithstanding the suggestions above, you can also think about the economic impacts of banning smoking in public places (e.g. dropping of gross sales, increased unemployment, less revenue from export and domestic sale etc). If you are running short of ideas, you can consult an academic writing agency to get fresh ideas for your upcoming essay.

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