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Looking For A Well-Written Example Of An Expository Essay

Expository essay samples can be found just about anywhere these days. However, finding a well-written one can be incredibly problematic. The internet has opened up a whole new world in terms of resources. However, a lot of content is written by either non-native English speakers or is littered with grammatical errors. So, just where do you even begin to start looking for one? Here’re my top tips:

Speak to your tutor

I get that a lot of students don’t like to be seen to be asking their tutor for help. However, they really are in the best position to provide you with the well-written examples that you are looking for. Not only that but they have probably written hundreds of these papers themselves and may even have some samples of their own that they can show you. They should definitely be your first point of call.

The internet

As I have already alluded to, the internet is also another great source of information. You just need to choose the sites that you are visiting wisely. If possible I would ask around for recommendations from fellow students as to the best possible sites to try. This will ultimately save you a lot of heartbreak and hassle.

Text books

Now, these may seem somewhat old school but text books usually contain several different examples. Yes, depending upon how old the book is they may be a little dated BUT you can guarantee that if your academic institution is recommending that you use them for study then anything contained inside of them will be incredibly well-written. The great thing about text books is that you can also annotate on them. Provided of course you own them and you haven’t simply borrowed them!

The library

A lot of libraries these days have had a full makeover and are actually quite state of the art. However, even if yours is still stuck somewhere in the 1980’s then it should still be a pretty cool place to hang out. Crucially, you should easily be able to find that all-important example of an expository essay that you have been looking for.

Friends or family

If you are really struggling, then why not ask friends or family for support? A lot of families tend to follow the same career paths. Therefore the chances are fairly high that someone that you know will have an expository sample that you can borrow.

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