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How To Improve Narrative Essay Writing Skills: Great Techniques

There are times when you need to challenge yourself. It is all part of self-improvement, which happens to be a major point of education. Narrative essays are commonly assigned and you can decide whether to stick with your old style writing, or polish up the sentences. You can improve on your narrative essay writing with just a few simple techniques.

  • Look For Clarity In Your Choice Of Words. You are not going to appear intellectual if you use too many complex sentences. You can let your point be known with sentences and words that are easy to understand. There Is No Need To Describe All Movement. It becomes almost mechanical if you make reference to every single motion in your essay. What is important to describe is what should be in the text.
  • Don’t Be Passive. The passive tense is a sign of bad writing. Keep it in the present unless you are telling history. There is no problem using slang if the topic allows. The only thing you have to be careful is the use of profanity.
  • Avoid Second Person. Using the first person or third person is better. You are the one who is doing the writing and either discuss your reflections in the content, or what another person is doing. Brevity is the Soul of Wit. This goes along with being clear. It is not that often you need more than five paragraphs in a composition. You can get a lot of imagery an opinion cross in well-written paragraphs. Be concise instead of being too wordy.
  • Don’t Forget The Mechanics Of Composition. Doing things like proofreading and editing may be a little tedious, but it is important to the task at hand. You may discover as you look over the first draft you made some minor mistakes. It happens to everybody. You can very easily go back in and fine tune the sentences. Be willing to do a second draft with revisions. You may also want to have somebody else proof read. A second pair of eyes can help.

You might be able to get away with just writing in an old dry style. Do not be surprised if the grades you see are only average. To get higher marks you have to go outside of your existing boundaries. You may be able to write a fairly good paper, but everyone needs to improve. If you are willing to use some basic techniques you will discover that your essay looks a lot better. It will certainly impress the teacher and help you get a better grade.

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