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Writing An Essay About Mass Media And Public Opinion

Mass media plays a very important role in our life nowadays; we are influenced by what we see or hear. This can change the life of some people and destroy the career of others. This is why you have to be extremely careful when you compose an essay on this topic. The public opinion is influenced by all the information presented on TV and in the newspapers, and very often governments and political regimes were changed with only a few TV shows. Keep these ideas in mind before starting your composition:

  • Be realistic. Very often mass-media is promoting rumors and false facts, therefore you have to get information from other places before forming an opinion. Also, some journalists collaborate with companies and they will write articles in their favor, even if what they say is not true. Explain to your colleagues why it’s important to have an objective approach to all of this.
  • Don’t judge people based on what is presented in the media. Let’s say that the media is talking a lot about a certain politician, and they say that he is taking bribe or something similar. The public opinion will be influenced by this and he will lose the support of many people. However, this does not meant that he is actually bad. Only judge people based on clear facts and evidence.
  • Discuss about how media manipulates people. Did you ever notice how many advertisements are on TV and in newspapers? Companies want to sell their products and they know exactly how to manipulate people to become their customer. One single commercial can make thousands of children to buy a certain toy, even if it is not good quality and it will break after a few weeks.
  • Discrimination and sexism. These are present everywhere and sometimes they are promoted by the media, even if it is on purpose or not. It is vital to recognize them when we see them and to not get influenced by these. By promoting a violent movie the companies can change the public opinion regarding a certain nationality or religion, and this might lead to many problems in the future. Every information that you receive needs to be analyzed and verified before you believe in it.
  • Keep yourself away from rumors. If you have to give some examples in your composition, make sure that you do not use any information that is not verified, even if is presented by the biggest newspaper in the country.

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