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Writing Tips: Useful Vocabulary For A Cause And Effect Essay

Cause and effect essays are something that is learned in early school years, but also something that will be used throughout our school career. The cause and effect style of writing is used to show how something happens, as well as why it happens. Unfortunately, if you do not have a good arsenal of appropriate vocabulary, your sentences can sound choppy and unappealing. This article will help you when choosing vocab for this purpose.

Cause and Effect Words and Phrases

The reason cause and effect words must be used is so that the relationship between ideas can be seen clearly by the reader. Here are some cause and effect words and phrases, as well as how they can be used to clarify a relationship.

  • Cause of- A leading cause of premature death is obesity.
  • Influences- Media coverage greatly influences voting patterns across the United States.
  • Caused by- Low exam scores may be caused by stress.
  • When- When the economy is unstable, currency may be worth less.
  • As a result of- The ozone layer is depleted as a result of increased pollution.
  • On account of- On account of extreme weather, property insurance is more expensive in some areas.
  • Because- Dogs sometimes scratch because they have fleas.
  • Because of- Because of the long winter, there was a crop shortage.
  • If- Gambling can be a healthy source of economic funds, but only if it is regulated properly.
  • Owing to- Owing to the short growing season, many of the trees had a poor havest this year.
  • Consequently- Texas weather is very hot. Consequently, there are watering restrictions in many communities.
  • Leads to- A rise in gas prices often leads to increased economic stress.

Using Cause and Effect Phrases in Writing

When you use cause and effect words and phrases in an essay, you must account for how they add meaning to the sentence. Many of the words and phrases listed here can be placed at the beginning, middle, or end of the sentence. Therefore, the first step to using cause and effect vocabulary is choosing appropriate placement. Once you have chosen the right placement, you need to use the right phrase to ensure your message gets across. Finally, when you are done writing the entire paper, read it back in entirety. Pay close attention to the cause and effect words that have been used and be sure that the sentences mean what you intend them to.

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