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Writing A Perfect English Synthesis Essay: Creative Ideas For 8th Grade Students

Teachers must challenge students when they get to the higher grades. More will be expected of them in high school, and being able to handle difficult writing assignments is going to be required. An English synthesis essay can be done by an 8th grade student with less problem than imagined.

The crux of this assignment is the persuasive argument. A student offers his or her opinion to answer a given question. This position then has to be supported with relevant facts and ideas. There also has to be a source for all of the information. The student has to be able to open with an interesting few sentences, make note of the questions being discussed, and present a good statement. Throughout the paragraphs the evidence is to be provided with sources that have documentation. The conclusion brings together reason and evidence with an ending that invites the reader to think some more about the issues raised.

All this being said is critical to the idea be as interesting as possible. No one likes to write about dry subjects. You can use the following ideas to get young teens at work.

  • Is life easier now than it was for your parents at your age?
  • Do you think the Internet really helps people communicate?
  • Is it possible to really fall in love with someone?
  • If you could write on a law what would it be about and why is it important?
  • If you were a stranger in a different country how should you be treated and why.
  • How do you think society should treat the police?
  • Go back in time and find it a period you think is important and explain why it is.
  • You think people should get married? Explain why or why not?
  • Is it right to judge people? Tell us what you think.
  • Which is more important medicine or law in our society?
  • What is the most important subject taught in school? Why?
  • Is there anything important about being patriotic?

It is important for young people know how to structure the paragraphs and sentences. But that being understood it is then time for their creative energy to be used to develop their thoughts and support their positions. Do not assume this is going to be a burden for them. It can be a lot of fun. If you need professional assistance by all means take a look at this website. It can help you further develop this lesson and how you will conduct it with the students.

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